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Six Months of Baby

Even though it is hard for me to believe Max turns six months old today. The months have flown by in double time! I am enjoying being a mom so very much but will admit parenthood is not all unhinge and hugs. Let’s do a status update checklist style: 1. Finally, it looks as though … Continue reading

Pregnancy News and Information

This is a great article on pregnancy “twofers” for those of you pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant.  This gives you further motivation to be healthy during pregnancy and hopefully to carry those healthy habits over into your post partum.  It is an interview of Michele Foreman who is the principal investigator of a study following 100,000 … Continue reading

Celebrity Pregnancy News Roundup

Well, there is plenty of celebrity pregnancy gossip or “news” out there right now.  From time-to-time I like to see what is going on in the media with celebrity pregnancy coverage.  I think it is an interesting social statement to review how pregnancy is portrayed in the media as well as how we as consumers … Continue reading

Celebrity Pregnancy News Roundup

Wow, this lady again.  Octomom clearly has issues.  It is hard even know where to begin with this story.  She wears a fake pregnancy bump?  She is trying to avert male attention but she is posing nude for public consumption?  I just don’t even know what to say about this woman.  I hope she figures out her … Continue reading

Exposure to Pollutants While Pregnant

Almost every single time I have visited a certain location of Babies-r-us here in Austin there is someone smoking a cigarette directly outside of the front door when I enter and/or leave.  Each time I get really annoyed and wonder if they could not find a more inappropriate place to smoke.  They are exposing babies, children … Continue reading

Calculating Due Dates

Calculating your due date can be done in a couple of different ways.  Doctors work with Naegele’s rule.  It all seems to depend on the length of your cycle, which is not taken into account with Naegele’s rule. This interesting article was shared by one of my Facebook friends today.  It is a worthwhile read especially if you … Continue reading

Pregnancy News: Cell Phone Use During Pregnancy

Cell phones may possibly be harmful to a pregnant woman’s fetus.  This of course is bad news for pretty much anyone who exists in the modern, industrialized world since the majority of people have phones.  This news is not hugely shocking but is still very unsettling.  Reading this just makes me wish that I would have … Continue reading

Breastfeeding, Bras & Boobs

Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time thinking and talking about boobs.  When you are pregnant this is a common source of conversation and contemplation.  How they are growing and uncomfortable, how to support that growth, when they will stop growing, if you will breastfeed, if you will pump, what pump to buy, how … Continue reading