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A Big Day – Just Mommy & Baby

Today is the first day that I am home alone with the little guy.  To be frank, I am a little nervous about how this day might go. When we came home from the hospital my mom came with us to help cook and clean.  My husband worked from home all last week, which was … Continue reading

Preparing the Whole Family

We are dog lovers and not ashamed to admit it.  We are those people who consider our dogs to be members of our family.  They are our furry babies, our four-legged children, our girl and boy.     Thinking about integrating our new baby into the house and making sure he is safe with the … Continue reading

In Breastfeeding News

Breastfeeding symbol (Photo credit: Topinambour) This is an interesting news piece on breastfeeding.  Apparently, a judge has deemed that “legally” speaking breastfeeding is not related to pregnancy.  I find this decision interesting on many levels.  One being that if it were not for pregnancy a woman would be incapable of breastfeeding.  In all of my … Continue reading