I am a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and massage therapist.  I am expecting my first child and my husband and I have two Welsh Terriers.  When I am not working I am reading, sewing, making soap or napping (getting all fo the sleep I can now)!  I also spend a lot of time online reading, researching and just browsing around. We love to travel as much as possible and whenever possible.


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  1. Hi Emily,

    Thank you for reading our blog posts! Do you know about our Lights of Love 5K and Family Fun Run coming up December 7? I thought of you because it is such a family-friendly, fun event. Have you participated before? We have so many families who come out with kids and strollers and dogs! Let me know if you’d like to hear more!


    Jan Gunter
    RMHC Austin

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    • Please don’t let it bother you (although I know that can be very difficult). It would seem this person may be a troll. Don’t let one rude person who clearly does not know your situation bother you. Some people just enjoy stirring the pot and seeing what kind of reaction they can get.

      • I appreciate your support. I have gotten over it. It was so shocking at first but it’s actually given me a lot of food for thought on the beliefs that people hold and the idea that Intenet interations are social interactions yet people somehow choose to ignore that aspect of it. Take care and thanks again!

    • Thank you so much for following me! Your blog is wonderful! Thank you for the love from such a gorgeous city. I adore Florence and hope to visit there again one day very soon!

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