18 Months

Is it possible that 18 months have passed since this kiddo came into our lives and turned our world into a place of laughter, tears, broken things and lots of photos?

Max is growing and learning constantly. Some of what he is learning is good; he loves to look at books with us and point out all of the dogs, to help brush his teeth, to eat at his own little table and some of it is not so amazing; he knows how to take off his diapers; he knows how to take his temperature with a digital thermometer, he is great at pushing mommy’s buttons and he knows how to break things and does so often or in fact, daily.

I was recently asked to describe his personality and I said; persistent, determined, mischievous, funny, affectionate, snuggly. He is all of these things.

He amazes me everyday. I feel weird if and when I am away from him. He can be exhausting with his endless energy and curiosity but when he hugs and kisses me my heart absolutely melts.


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