Max’s Favorites

At 15 months old, today(!), Max’s personality is shining through. He has an opinion about quite a lot of things and tries very hard to verbalize them. He chats with me often but sadly I am unable to understand most of it at this point. Not for long though! I have a feeling he will be saying more actual words any day now.

How Does This Thing Work?

How Does This Thing Work?

For now some of his favorite things are:

*Books – Goodnight Moon specifically. I now have this book memorized much to my chagrin. He loves to go get a book, bring it to me and then sit in my lap to be read to. It is so adorable but we have had to go out and acquire quite a few new books to have some variety. Only board books work right now because the others get torn to shreds. Also, there is a good chance a book will get thrown into the bath tub so they need to be durable.

*Berries – this would be the only thing he ate if he had his way. Luckily the level-headed adults in this house feed him from some of the other food groups.

*Kissing – this is both sweet and concerning. Concerning because when he tries to kiss one of his little friends it usually looks more like a tackle and results in a fall. Other parents are not a fan of this move at all!

*The backyard. The kid is nuts for the backyard and wants to be out there all of the time. He cries if I won’t let him out. He cries when I bring him back in to the house.

*Dogs. Our dogs, other people’s dogs, dogs on tv, dogs in books. the kids loves dogs. So much so that he screams every single time he sees one and says his word for doggie, which is more like “dawie”. Watch out dogs, this kid wants to pull your tail.

Green Smoothie Monster

Green Smoothie Monster

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