Postpartum Care & Information Gap

I am working on birthing an idea right now and I would love to have any input you are willing to give.

There is so little support for new moms immediately post partum and I think this needs to be remedied. When you are pregnant the amount of information you get is just overwhelming. It seems every stage and aspect of pregnancy has available resources. We learn lots about taking care of the baby but what about mom? There is so little discussion about what happens to mom. Once the baby is born people want to know all about how the baby is doing. But what about the mom that birthed the bundle of joy?

I would love to hear what you wish someone would have told you. Where did you feel there were knowledge gaps? What did you need help with? What kind of support do you wish you would have had? What were you most shocked by? Did you have the blues or depression? Did you need help with breast feeding? We’re you able to connect with and listen to your mommy instincts?

Please feel free to answer any or all questions. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would prefer.

Much gratitude for your help!

5 thoughts on “Postpartum Care & Information Gap

  1. This is an outstanding idea and project you have brewing! I wish someone had told me that just because I don’t “fall in love” with the baby within her first few days of life doesn’t mean there is something wrong with me. It seemed like people were constantly asking me “Oh, don’t you just LOVE her? Didn’t you feel that immediate connection?” when she was only a couple days old, and I felt so horrible because I didn’t fall head over heals for her at first. Turns out, that’s totally OK, but I was a puddle of tears half the time because I wasn’t obsessed with her at first.

    • Thanks Emily! I think there needs to be so much more support available to new moms. The unhelpful comments from people are endless it seems. Like you mention, you can feel like such a bad mother because people love to think that all moms feel exactly the same way about their babies and their new roles. I just wish people could withhold opinions and share advice when it is asked for.

  2. I would have loved having the phone numbers of LOCAL breastfeeding help (with an actual name of a real person – not a hotline), and a pediatrician to call about my little one’s poop (because that is scary when there is so much conflicting info!).
    I found it extremely helpful to be part of a message board “birth club” because then we were all going through the same stuff, and just HEARING that others are just as tired, and equally as hormonal, as well as smitten with baby, etc is so darn comforting!

    • All great points! Every first time nursing mother shoul have direct access to a lactation consultant or someone who can support them through the challenging times. And I love that you brought up baby poop because it can be so wildly varied in the beginning. You need some type of decoder chart to help you through all of the phases of baby poop!

      Thanks for your input!

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