Weaning Part 2

Weaning Mr. Man during the daytime went much more easily than I anticipated. The fact that he wasn’t feeling well and had a decreased appetite was incredibly helpful.

Good Things:
I did not gain 10 lbs which I was worried about since I have the appetite of a hockey player.
He has taken to drinking from a bottle very easily.
I am not having nearly as many engorgement and clogged milk ducts as I previously did and this is a very, very good thing!
I am not as upset about losing that bonding time with him as I thought I would be. We still get to snuggle during feedings.
An unexpected & great benefit is that we are not having to nurse to sleep for naps or at bedtime anymore.
Formula feeding has created more options such as daddy being able to take over & mommy being able to get out of the house!

Bad Things:
Formula is expensive!!
We have to remember to take plenty of it with us when we go places.
Formula poops are pretty nasty.

We are still nursing all throughout the night. We are cosleeping also so there are plenty of snuggling opportunities and I feel so close to my little guy.


6 thoughts on “Weaning Part 2

      • Yes, there can be, unfortunately. You know, I didn’t have the biting/cut issues when I was b/f’ing either of my older two children, but it’s been 3 times now with Samuel! AND I’ve had clogged ducts 3 or 4 times with him and NOTHING with the older two. What’s up with that? O_O

      • No, I don’t think so. Idk why the issues this time! Only difference is that I’m older. But still, only 31 when I had him! I was 20 and 24 with the others. Not sayin’ I’m old, but there are no other differences that I can think of! :P

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