Quick Update

I have not been around much lately. With the craziness of the holidays and the depths of sleep deprivation I am in it has been hard to find the time to post.

Here is what is going on in a time-saving, bullet style list:

    • Two weeks ago was my one year blog anniversary! Wohoo!
    • We are in the depths of sleep deprivation hell. Our little guy is a horrible sleeper and I have had to resort to consulting a sleep coach for some help. I will report back on how this goes.
    • My guy is both sick AND teething which is an awful combination!
    • Last week he turned 9 months. I cannot believe it!
    • I am going through a somewhat difficult process of trying to decide if it is time to wean my little biter (more on this in another post)

Hopefully once he begins to feel better I will have more free time to blog. As of now my time is spent soothing him and trying to get him well. I hate to see him sick. He seems so miserable!


8 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Awww, my friends baby had the same symptoms. He was sick and teething and the baby was up all the time crying. Poor thing. Hope he feels better soon!

  2. I am so sorry that sleeping is not coming easy for the little guy. That is so tough and definitely pushes the bounds of one’s sanity. *Hugs.*

    We are all but finished with breastfeeding too. Over the holidays when we were traveling, we were so out-of-whack and off our schedules that I pretty much threw in the towel. Now I’m just briefly pumping at night so she can get a little bit of the germ-fighters. We had a good run of it but she’s been uninterested in nursing for months so I’m just giving in. I chose my battles and this is one I am just surrendering to.

    • Thanks for the hugs Emily. The sleep deprivation is not helping with the nursing issues since I am grumpy and tired and lacking Ny sense of humor about it all.

      At least your wee one has not been very interested in the boob. I think that would help make the transition a bit easier. My poor guy is very interested but because he does not feel well he isn’t eating much. This of course is decreasing my production. He is also using my breasts as teething rings which is making me nuts. I feel like I don’t have many options now other than weaning.

  3. Ekk! I have all the teething to come. Although I think I’m starting to see the first cranky signs now at just 4 months old.
    Your son is still EBF? Hmmm..I need to see this other post :)

    • Teething is no fun at all! Thank goodness they will have no memory of it.

      He has been breast fed with the occasional bottle of formula if I am away. My goal was to nurse a year but he is now biting me daily so I think our nursing days are just about over.

      • Wow, Amazing! I was hoping to EBF in till 6months but with some pressure from DH and the Health profession here I think weaning will start much sooner.
        They wanted me to start at 4months!

      • It is interesting that you are pushed toward weaning. Here there is such a push toward breaks feeding that it can be really stressful to even consider weaning at 9 months.

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