Substance (Photo credit: ky_olsen)

I have always been a bit of a hippy.  My husband and I joke that I am a yippy – part hippy and part yuppie.  You can also say a huppy I suppose.  I am unapologetic about it even though people love to comment on it and judge.  So be it!

Since having Baby M I am even more worried about chemicals and his exposure to things that can potentially harm him or cause long-term allergies.  There is some research to confirm many people’s suspicions that overly processed and chemical filled body care products, cleaners and detergents can cause allergies in children (and adults).  I have done a fair amount of research on this because I have made my own soaps and lotions for the past few years.


Herbs (Photo credit: Denis Defreyne)

The class I took yesterday on body care products was fabulously fun and informative.  We learned how to make toners, cleansers, masks, salves, creams and nutritive oils.  We put masks on each other and created custom cleansers for ourself.  We whipped up a cream to bring home that I feel 100% confident using on my baby because I saw and smelled every single ingredient that went into it.The teacher made a really good point during our session.  We as a society have become scared of nature.  We won’t go out and pick a wild herb to use on ourselves but we will go to the store and buy an overly processed, chemical filled product made by a company that tests on animals and pollutes without batting an eye.  So very true and so very sad.

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    • Having babies can totally change your perspective on so many things. The class was so great and i am guessing there is probably something similar in your area if you are interested.

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