Being a New Mom

Being a new mom is challenging (and very rewarding) in so many ways.  Being home all of the time where I used to be very free in my schedule and how I could spend my time is proving to be more of a challenge than I imagined it would be.  I previously worked for myself and taught yoga classes at a couple of different studios in town so I could have a fair amount of flexibility in my schedule as well as socialize with friends and students everyday.  Now, I feel bound to the couch with the demanding breastfeeding schedule of our little guy and being here for his every whimper (I might be a little too quick to respond to the slightest sign of imminent tears).

Happy Baby!

Finally having the clearance to drive after the c-section has given me a little peace of mind but not really being able to take the boy out into the world yet doesn’t allow for a great deal of movement beyond a walk everyday.

I am finding myself daydreaming of where he and I will go once he can start to get out and about with me.  But, in the meantime I am trying to create some semblance of a routine in my life.  I thrive on a routine and he has yet to settle into a schedule so this is driving me even slightly more batty than not being able to get out of the house.

I love this blog entry by Rookie Moms on things to do during maternity leave.  I am going to work on this list over the next few weeks even though I am not technically on “maternity leave” but will be a SAHM.

One thing I am finding helpful is getting up and getting myself ready every morning.  I feel better when I have showered, gotten dressed and fixed myself up a little bit.  The idea of around the house all day in need of a shower just makes me sad.  So, every morning hubby and I wake up, I feed baby and then hubby takes over so I can have some time to get ready, have breakfast and do a couple of chores around the house.  This makes life much more bearable I am finding.  Taking the time to empty the dishwasher, do a load of laundry or clean one of the bathrooms keeps me from feeling overwhelmed during the day.


Motherhood (124/365)

Motherhood (124/365) (Photo credit: LifeSupercharger)


If you are struggling with finding a way to get it all in I highly recommend you consider getting ready to face the day and getting a couple of things accomplished early on – you will feel so much better about the rest of the day!




8 thoughts on “Being a New Mom

    • After not being able to take a shower for a day or two while I was in the hospital (because of a c-section) I was amazed by how normal I felt after just having a shower. I promised myself that I would not become one of those women who walks around with dirty hair and dirty clothes all the time because I am not taking any time for myself. Let’s see how that all plays out over time…

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