Banana Split Healthy “Milk Shake”

Though it is October already it is still very warm here. It is still getting into the upper eighties! After playing outside the other day we made a Banana Split “milk shake” the other day and it was delicious. As you can tell my little guy was enjoying his so much that he decided to … Continue reading

18 Months

Is it possible that 18 months have passed since this kiddo came into our lives and turned our world into a place of laughter, tears, broken things and lots of photos? Max is growing and learning constantly. Some of what he is learning is good; he loves to look at books with us and point … Continue reading

Max’s Favorites

At 15 months old, today(!), Max’s personality is shining through. He has an opinion about quite a lot of things and tries very hard to verbalize them. He chats with me often but sadly I am unable to understand most of it at this point. Not for long though! I have a feeling he will … Continue reading

Time Flies

I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted. Time is just flying by. My little guy is 14 months old! Why I Have Been Absent: My Grandmother has had some serious health issues (though she is much better now) and we have spent a lot of time taking care of her … Continue reading

Postpartum Care & Information Gap

I am working on birthing an idea right now and I would love to have any input you are willing to give. There is so little support for new moms immediately post partum and I think this needs to be remedied. When you are pregnant the amount of information you get is just overwhelming. It … Continue reading

Weaning Part 2

Weaning Mr. Man during the daytime went much more easily than I anticipated. The fact that he wasn’t feeling well and had a decreased appetite was incredibly helpful. Good Things: I did not gain 10 lbs which I was worried about since I have the appetite of a hockey player. He has taken to drinking … Continue reading

How Does This Thing Work?

The baby boy inherited my rocker from when I was a wee one. He is enjoying climbing all over it but we are still working on the correct way to use it! How Does This Thing Work?

Weaning Part 1

I have been undergoing a mental/emotional tug of war about weaning. If you have read my blog for a while you might remember that breast feeding has been anything but easy for us. There have been so many tears and many times I have wanted to just give up all together. My original goal of … Continue reading

Quick Update

I have not been around much lately. With the craziness of the holidays and the depths of sleep deprivation I am in it has been hard to find the time to post. Here is what is going on in a time-saving, bullet style list: Two weeks ago was my one year blog anniversary! Wohoo! We … Continue reading